You reach the Recording Console window via the  Nero WaveEditor icn record 18014398548247563 Recording Console Window button in the toolbar.
The following setting options are available in the Audio Input area of the Recording Console window:   
Returns to the start of the recording so that it can be overwritten.
Record an audio file.
Pauses recording. Only available while recording.
Goes to the end of the recording so that recording can be resumed there.
Drop-down menu
Audio input line
Specifies the audio input.
Check box
Digital monitoring
Turns on the sound of the audio source so you can hear what you are recording.
Input Level
Specifies the volume of the recording. The volume of the recording should be in the yellow area.
The following option buttons are available in the Action area:
Overwrite existing recording
Overwrites the existing recording or audio file which is open in Nero WaveEditor.
Insert into recording
Inserts the recording into the audio file at the point where the marker is located.


Differences in the recording options between Windows XP and Windows Vista/Windows 7
In Windows XP the sound card is seen as one device. Therefore, selecting a device will allow you to access all input options in the Recording Console window.
In Windows Vista and Windows 7 every input option is seen as a separate device. Therefore, the sound card input option must first be selected in the Device Settings window.
After that, the Master Volume entry in the Recording Console window represents the input device selected in the Device Settings window.
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