The Voice Modification effect allows the voice in an audio file to be manipulated.    
The following setting options are available in the Envelope area:
Envelope Mapping

Changes the input and output frequency of the audio file. You can change the straight lines using the handles. In the graph, the y-axis represents the output frequency and the x-axis the input frequency.


Moves the elements that form the voice.

The following sliders are available in the Pitch area:

Changes the pitch in the audio file.


Permits fine tuning if retaining the original audio file length causes distortion due to the interval and patch changes.

The following slider is available in the Time area:

Specifies whether the length of the audio file is to vary or whether the original length is to be retained.

The following option buttons are available in the Mode area:

Leaves the voice in the audio files unchanged. Only the previously set effects are used.

Robot Voice

Adds a robot-like quality to the already activated effects.


Adds a whisper-like quality to the already activated effects.


Voice Modification