The Noise Gate tool suppresses quiet sections in the signal transmission. For example, it helps prevent noise. The noise gate belongs to the category of dynamic processors.      
The following sliders are available:

Specifies the minimum dB value below which the audio file is to be muted. In other words, the gate is closed if the dB value is too low.

Attack Time

Specifies the time required to reopen the gate in milliseconds after the threshold has been exceeded, i.e. to restore the sound of the audio file.

Release Time

Specifies the time in milliseconds required to close the gate, i.e. to mute the audio file after the level has dropped below the threshold.

The following option buttons are available in the Channel Mode area:

If the Linked option button is enabled, the noise gate for both channels appears as soon as one or both of the two channels exceeds the threshold.


If the Independent option button is enabled, the noise gate closes or opens both channels independently when the threshold is reached.
Only relevant for audio files in stereo format.


Noise Gate