At the bottom of the window, various displays can be opened via the View menu.
The following entries are available in the View menu:      
Level Meters
Opens the Transport window, the left half of which visualizes the room sound. You can also reproduce the audio file in the right half of the window, also changing the volume and the use of the speakers.
Spectrum Analyzer
Opens the Spectrum Analyzer window in which the frequencies of the audio file are displayed graphically during playback.
Edit History
Opens the Edit History window which lists all the editing steps of the audio file. You can also return to any edit phase here and restore the original state of the audio file.
Status Bar
Displays the Status Bar which shows the duration of selected audio sections and the whole audio file at the bottom of the screen.
The frequency denotes the oscillations per second of an electrical or magnetic field. With audio files this means that the frequency increases with rising pitch. The unit is Hertz (Hz). The highest magnitude of oscillation is called the amplitude.

Display Area